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     I started my journey as a photographer to fill the creative void I was lacking as an adult.  Back in school there were always art classes and projects to do, so they kept my mind going.  I had always been drawn to photography however, it didn’t matter the genre.  It was the idea of capturing a moment in time that would never happen exactly the same way again. My last year in college I was shy one credit from graduating.  I could’ve easily taking another gym class and been done with it, but I chose to take an actual photography class and finally learn what all those buttons do.  There I met Prof. Dooley, sadly I was not able to stay in contact with him but I will never forget what he taught me.  He saw something in me and encouraged me to pursue photography beyond his class.  


     After school finished, as for many people, life took over and those creative outlets went away. I started working and eventually became a Full-time Firefighter in the city of Elizabeth, NJ.  The work we do in Elizabeth is both fun and enriching, I love the men and women that make it worthwhile.  


     That being said, I still felt the need to create something.  I realized that my photos not only made me feel good, but others too.  I started this business to share my love of the art form with as many people that would let me. For me it’s not just about pretty photos.  Anyone with a phone nowadays can do that.  I strive myself on creating a unique Experience for each person who steps in front of my camera.


I want you to fall in love with yourself.